January 15, 2009

Yucky Day. Cold Go Away

Not feeling so hot today. FREEZING actually. This old house has wayyyy too many cracks to keep up. At least is a cold drafty 17C and not the -25C that is outside. I know, 17C would feel amazing in the summer, but when EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE IS BARFING o.k not everyone. Just Erin and I at this point......not so good.

Apparently I don't have morning sickness today. Lara was barfing yesterday and is o.k today so I'm praying it is a 24 hr thing.

My husband AGAIN is the only one not sick. I pray he has mercy on me and takes the day off to help hold my hair. It must be his growing up on the farm and drinking/eating/licking a lot of stuff that has given him the best immune system. Maybe there is hope for Peyton. That kid licks everything!!


ValleyGirl said...

Oh, I do hope you'll feel better soon! And that you warm up!

Wow, 17. I don't know if I'd be able to function if the house was only 17. I'm so used to it being 25 in the winter, than anything below 22 feels chilly. Our house is quite old and drafty too, but obviously not quite like yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh poop. Preggo barfing sicky mommas are not good.

B said...

James likes to lick everything in sight too. I blame him for every germ that comes into the house. Then it goes round and round to each other person, mutating as it goes and eventually re-infects the first person again.