January 14, 2009

-20C. At least the is no Wind!!!

So cold outside today all my eggs froze and I've been out several times to break the ice off the water buckets.

Robert the Calf is doing well. He stands in the sun as much as he can.

Henry the Llama is happy as well. Here is a shot we took yesterday after rolling out a bale of straw for the cows/llama to sit on.

You Can't really see it in the picture, but Peyton is sitting on the tractor seat waiting for Adam to lower the bale onto the ground. That kid will climb,poke and touch EVERYTHING. But on a Tractor? He will sit still for hours. He even fell asleep once while riding around with Grandpa on the bulldozer. I have a feeling he will be spending a lot of time on tractors when I need to get work done.

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ValleyGirl said...

Sounds balmy. We're sittin' at -27 ~ -40 with the windchill. And that's a handful of degrees warmer than it was this morning!


Man, I hate winter. Where is all this global warming they keep promising us??!!