December 08, 2008


O.K... So it was -20C last night and windy. At least the sun came out today but it was still pretty incredibly cold. My poor baby calf Robert was shivering!!! So what is a mommy to do??

Tie him to the tree in the sun, and wrap him in an old coat with a bungee cord to warm him up.

I know I know...You really don't have to say what you are thinking. Although I have no doubt Dad will come up with something.

oh...and he has more cord so he can move...he was just trying to eat the cord when I took the picture.


Nancy said...

Exactly. A mom has to make sure they wear their jackets when it's cold. . .

Anonymous said...

Put him in a shelter with other cattle. They keep each other warm.
You might want to put straw bales around the outside of that plastic hut. Keep him out of the wind.


Alyson said...

There are no other cattle to put him with....and I stacked straw bales all on the inside of the hut, and put a little door on it.
I just got him in the sun when it was out.

I've noticed a sore on his knee though. not sure where that came from.

momofthecrazies said...

Maybe a pair of leg warmers would help too!

Anonymous said...

check your local agri-supply store for calf blankets or even foal blankets.

Or take an old blanket and stitch it on with twine.

And feed him lots of hay. And try not to think he's people.

-20C....they'll get used to it. But the sun isn't going to do a whole lot of warming if there's any wind(and neither is that coat), so he'd be better in a small space out of the wind.

Are there no other farmers around there with experience to talk to? Go have coffee at the farm supply store and ask a few questions.