July 20, 2008


I'm back. I had an amazing time. I volunteered at the camp as sports leader and Time Out Councillor. No I did not put people on naughty chairs ;) Instead I dealt with the kids having problems.

There is a ton I could say about the camp. A ton about what I learned about kids, myself and God, but for now I am all talked out and need a few days to recuperate...and do laundry.

We had an adult bible study class every morning while the kids attended theirs, and we focused on THE FATHER'S LOVE LETTER.

The theme of last weeks camp was YOU ARE SPECIAL, and so our study focused on this letter. The passage itself is not from the bible, but ALL THE WORDS ARE. Every sentence comes DIRECTLY from the bible, and someone put them together. So it is somewhat of a paraphrase.
Anyway, the point was to think about our relationship with the Lord, our purpose in life, and how unique we all are...and of course how much he loves each and every one of us.


I am amazed how even as adults we still need the reassurance that we are loved.

Here is the You Tube version of the Letter....Now I'm off to collect some eggs and pull some weeds.

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