June 02, 2008

Doing It for Yourself

I took off to the nearest City this weekend to run a road race with my friends.

I love to run.

It is a part of me and makes me feel alive.

Sooooo important to do things that remind you of being an individual. Not a wife, not a mother...but an individual with interests, goals and desires.

It takes more sacrifice and planning to be able to take off sans kiddies....but everyone is happier in the end.
I have to admit that just getting together with great friends and conquering the pavement is my biggest motivation. Congrats S on your first 8km Road RACE!!!!!... she is going to hate me for this pic ;)


The Kerr Family said...

Thanks coach :) I'm only a little sore today and mostly in my back which I think is b/c I slept on Ella's floor on Friday night :P

P.S. If I was more vain I'd hate that pic but I've seen worse :)

ValleyGirl said...

Congrats to all of you!

I think that's so right what you said about remembering who we are as individuals from time to time. That's something I need to pursue!

Cathy said...

Yay for good girlfriends, getting out sans kids and finding time to do something you totally deserve to to!

I am happy that you are happy :D

Congrats to all of you runners!


Jessica said...

Way to go #216! You rock (and run!)!

Stephanie said...

8km! Good for you! I just started running this past year and have enjoyed running 5ks, but haven't done any "bigger" races...yet. :)