May 06, 2008

Roosters, Llamas and Barn Fires

Saw the man about the Llama. It will be shipped in a week or so :)
He is cute. All brown. I think he looks like a Henry.

I came home with a rooster while I was at it.
The little fella wasted NO TIME in asserting his..umm. maleness.

So I named him Heff.

For those who wanted a BARN FIRE update......

My FIL is not going back into dairy. At least not at this point. Instead will do misc. other things for income. He still has his crops, gets his new Beef herd Saturday, and fixes machinery for people.

There is still no barn to replace the old one, and may never be. So far it looks like he will be putting up at least one COVERALL barn to store hay and maybe some equipment. Hopefully within the year there will also be some sort of POLL BARN (open on one side) for the cows so they have shelter in the winter and a place for birthing.

That is all I know.

I wanted to get the Llama for him because he is getting 17 Cows all pregnant and due in May!!!
So that will mean 17 babies running around a pasture. Although there will be an electric fence surrounding them, I would feel better if they had some protection. So...I got them a Llama.

Really that Llama is for me, and I can see him making his way up to our house as soon as I get MY fence put in ;)


Erin said...

thanks alyson

Katy said...

Oh my of luck with the whole llama experience! WOW! I think Henry is a great name! :)

and are daring..(that you got a rooster) LOL. I think it would drive me nuts!

Carey said...

Llamas are supposed to be good at herding. There is a state park here that has a llama that herds sheep. Hope you are having a beautiful Wed.

ValleyGirl said...

I can hardly wait to see pictures of ol' Hank!

Nancy said...

Great to have the update -so you were serious about the llama - awesome!

Heff is a spiffy-looking guy - a sharp dresser, for sure!

Can't wait to see a pic of Henry!