May 19, 2008

Meet Henry the Llama

So...Here he is. In the pouring rain. This is when he first arrived.

Don't mind the hay stuck to him. It was pouring.

And he was mad at us for transporting him.

Maybe he gets car sick.

The cows were funny. They were not sure what to make of him. They were a little scared, but when one would muster up enough courage to poke her nose near him they would ALL do it.
Mob mentality I tell y'a.

See? here they come again. Safety in numbers I suppose.

He is small as he is still young, but since his mom is a pure bred alpaca I don't think he will grow much taller than the cows.

When I took a look at him against the mama cows I kind of thought they really don't need HIM for protection.

Oh well...I bought him for me really. My husband is rolling his eyes as I type this. Oh well. It makes me happy. And we all know that if I am happy my husband is happy.

Actually, this just means that he can go and buy a lawn tractor and I can't say a word ;)


Erin said...

lol we do that in our house hubby's working on trying to get us satellite...not completely won over yet.
the llama looks great!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Henry is adorable!! Now I want a llama but I don't think I'll be able to convince hubby of that one!

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, isn't that the truth!

Henry is very cute. I didn't know llamas and alpacas interbred ~ what does this make him, technically? A llampaca? Will he become sort of pet-like or do they stay wild and mean? Maybe that's just ostriches. Dang "Animal Jobs" show. I'm getting all mixed up.

Nancy said...