May 11, 2008


So...Good guesses everyone. Yes. They were planning on sliding down in the baby swing. Problem is Lara's knees were tucked under and she was TOP HEAVY!! Erin was going to give her a shove down and she would have fallen off the SIDE!!! Also, the ropes were going to snag before she hit the bottom leaving her to hang. She is ALSO, all strapped in, so to brace her fall it is quite possible she would have broken her wrists.

So....I YELLED STOP!!!!!!!! From the kitchen window.

THEN....I grabbed my camera.

THEN... I begged her to at least put on a helmet and stick her legs all the way through for more balance. She did...and made it down just fine.

I'm all about kids learning through play, but in this case I think Lara would have ended up with a concussion or broken neck to get it right the second time.

Oh...they were looking back at the ropes because it was stuck on something.

Anyone see a problem with this picture??? Anyone? Anyone at all? Tell me what the REAL problem in this situation is and I'll give you a prize. Well maybe not a prize, but I'm curious to know if you moms out there see what I am seeing.


Erin said...

hahahahahaah that's hilarious.
at least they put the padding for the lawn chair sort of near the bottom. :)

Cathy said...

Ummhh the baby swing on the top of the slide is going to pull both girls down...crashing down! Are they making a 'rollercoaster?' Love the padded landing! And maybe they should both be wearing helmets LOL!! AND looking in the direction they will be going?

PS How did they get the baby swing? And did they actually go down? or did you rediect them??? LOL


happygeek said...

My guess, aside from the obvious (child in babyswing on her knees about to go down slide and strangle herself) is that their dad is supposed to be somewhere in the picture watching them but he's napping on the porch instead.
Thus the kamize sliding.

Carey said...

I hope they didnt get hurt. At least they are being creative. And they thought of padding at the bottom. Hope you are having a fantastic day today.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Hmm...reminds me of the time my girls decided to ride down the stairs in laundry baskets.

ValleyGirl said...

Aww, that looks perfectly safe ~ they've even got the lawnchair cushion at the bottom just in case! They'll be fi-i-ine! Just don't watch.

Bess said...

What's wrong with two little girls somehow getting the baby swing down and then tobogganing down the slide? (Where'd they learn that from???) :) :) I guess their adventurous spirits came from somewhere. :)

Cathy said...

Oh yeah, I am curious to know what the gals are looking at????

Jessica said...

Is it that your window has absolutely NO hand prints?

Or is it someone in the background yelling, "No, climb a little higher?"

Or is it that the cushion at the bottom of the slide should be laying the other direction, to better take the impact of the little darlings in the toddler swing?

Nancy said...

Thanks for all recent blogs - love you all -