May 08, 2008

End of Thursday AfterThoughts

So. Today was 'one of those days'. I just did not want to be here.
Did not want to dust,
Did not want to do laundry,
Did not want to make one meal for ANYONE!,
Did not want to wipe a butt, clean up spills, or answer any more QUESTIONS!!
I seriously think I ACTUALLY stomped my foot in protest. Shameful.But true. husband and I headed to the farm north of us to look at our Llama and pet a new Donkey born yesterday.
Then we headed to town, bought Fish and Chips, and sat by the water.
Then we chatted with my mom while the girls played at the park.

Much better. MUCH...MUCH BETTER.


Jessica said...

I have days like that far too often!

You have a llama? How cool is that? Why doesn't he live with you?

Jessica said...

Ok, I see you answered that already. I love Heff for a rooster's name! Too funny. I also love hearing our rooster crow. It just seems so homey. And just wait till your baby starts imitating him. Too funny. You'll never again say "cock-a-doodle-doo"

happygeek said...

I know those days!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I love little "mini-vacations" like that...
I would prefer fish and chips over butt wiping too.
Maybe in rememberence of the occasion, you should name the Llama and donkey "Fish and Chip"!
(I am soo kidding.)

ValleyGirl said...

I'm so glad your day had a happy, relaxing ending. I like farm chick paula's idea for naming the llama and donkey. (and if you're not getting the donkey, you could just name the llama Fish'n'Chips ~ "Fips" for short!)