April 07, 2008

Woody the Woodpecker

I just love living here. I've seen so many new and exciting things right in my backyard. Yesterday I thought the neighbors were hammering something all day.
THEN...in the afternoon we were walking in the yard and there was WOOD CHIPS everywhere!!!

Well!!! we look up and see a beautiful male woodpecker. This is not him, but I found this image is very similar. Our fella had an even bigger comb. He reminded me of Woody Woodpecker with the crazy 'hair'.


Nancy said...

You're right - they do look like Woody Woodpecker! We have those guys around here too. We love to watch them and we are always amazed at the holes they leave in the trees and at the big piles of wood chips on the ground. (not a bad thing though - the holes provide homes for other creatures, and the woodpeckers eat the insects in the trees. . .)

Erin said...

thats cool