April 14, 2008

Tick Talk

I'm all about Country education,
So...here is a picture of the Tick.

Ummmm although see how small that tick is in the second picture??

Well, my husbands tick was WAY bigger than that. Like a GOOD 5mm We figure it climbed aboard sometime yesterday when he was 'recovering' a stolen ATV. (He's a police officer)

Now picture it hanging off my husbands leg with all of its legs moving around.


So apparently now we need to watch out for signs of Lyme disease. I guess he could develop a circular rash around his wound in about 3 days to one month. Other than that, if and when he starts convulsing we will call the doctor. Just kidding. About the convulsing that is.

That's it. I'm off to go read my new Beverly Lewis Book about Amish people. Goodness. Between Charlotte's Web, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre, and now this Amish series, the city girl left in me does not stand a chance.


Dana Derks said...

You read all the books I love!! I just found this new series of books by Jane Kirpatrick. Its a series of 3 ( so far I believe) about a group of woman pioneers going west. The first book is called ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE. Btw, I know all about ticks; our tick season should begin soon here in SK. I search my girls many times a day.

Carey said...

Praying for no signs of lyme disease!
Im so jealous..I want to read that book...she is my favorite aithor. Youll have to tell me if it wzs good.

ValleyGirl said...
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ValleyGirl said...

I had no idea there was such a long official tick removal process. I grew up in the city, but about 20 of my cousins grew up on farms and now I've lived out in the middle of nowhere myself for the last 6 years, and in all my years of living in the country and visiting in the country, and picking woodticks off myself, my kids, my cousins, and a wide range of pets, I've never done anything more than pinch'n'pull. In 35 years, in a family of over 100 people, most of whom lived in the country at some point, there's only been one incidence of an undiscovered tick that caused an infection ~ which wasn't lyme disease.

I'm not discounting the fact that they can cause some serious problems, I just hope you're not spending too much energy worrying about it.

Bess said...

Be sure to keep an eye on him. Sometimes people don't develop the "bullseye" rash and start with other symptoms.

Ugh...I REALLY can't stand ticks!!!

Alyson said...

nope..not really worried. Just think it is interesting ;)

happygeek said...

Makes me want to leave suburbia right this minute:)