April 18, 2008

Small things make BIG differences

My Dad and Step Mom came for a visit.

Here is my favorite picture of him helping our oldest spray paint a cute vanity chair we found at the Thrift Shop.

When I was younger I have very fond memories of helping my Dad do things. He was always good at giving me a small task that made me feel important to the job at hand.
Amazing how it is the SIMPLE THINGS that make the HUGE IMPACTS in our lives


ValleyGirl said...

VERY cute!! What is it about little girls and their grandpas?! I have SO many pictures of my girls with my dad, it's not even funny. But it's always such a special time and he knows how to involve them in everthing he does. Grandpas are just magical!

Erin said...

that's beautiful alyson.

Cathy said...

So true! So very true!!

Lucky Girl said...

You are absolutely right about the simple things--here's hoping your family gets to experience many more simple and memorable times!

Uncle B said...

Dad would have a blast with my kids. They almost always want to help - even when I REALLY don't want them to.

You should try typing an email when your kid wants to do the typing - it takes forever!