April 03, 2008

Pride in Accomplishments

I'm in a good mood today. The sun is shinning bright for the second day in a row, and I have been able to do some serious spring cleaning/organizing. That ALWAYS makes me feel better.

I even got the winters worth of straw/poop out of the chicken coop and laid down some fresh smelling wood shavings. I CAN'T WAIT TO FINISH THE COOP!!

I even shipped off some Homemade spring napkins, tea, and reusable tea bags to the winner of my Ultimate Blog Party contest.

Amazing how good I feel when I feel like I've 'accomplished' something. Sure every day I 'do' things. But these tasks have felt overwhelming lately, so I'm glad to have conquered at least some of them.

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MomOfTheCrazies said...

I know what you mean about projects that just need to get done. I love being able to cross them off my list, but it's hard to get started actually doing them.

Love the napkins. Can your friends hire you to make some for them?