March 08, 2008

Unexpected Visits

Here in the Country you have to be ready to welcome unexpected visitors at all times.
This morning happened to be one of those times, and no I was not prepared...and no, THANKFULLY my husband DID NOT bring anyone home from work....again. (He knows now to give me enough notice to get dressed put on lip gloss.

You see...I was expecting to look out my window and see something like THIS

Well, not quite so green (This pic is from last spring when we moved in)

Instead we Got MORE SNOW!!!

And to think that only yesterday I was going to take a picture of my thawed and VERY..VERY muddy Yard.

O.K so maybe the snow was a little EXPECTED, but as beautiful as it is, I am slightly disappointed.

My spring plans are pushed back a little more, and I must chickens are QUITE CONFUSED about what season it is. They are not sure whether to molt(loose feathers), sit on their eggs, or huddle together for heat.

The Hoards of Flies that have recently come out of the woodwork have even gone back into hiding.

Wait a minute....what am I complaining about?


Carey said...

We got a foot of that white stuff here in NY too. And its started snowing again. We are expecting another 4-8 inches over night. So much for spring in two weeks. Hope your enjoying the snow!(or at least the kids)

MurrayvilleMom said...

No way!!!!!!

Erin said...

i think that groundhog was on drugs

ValleyGirl said...

Ahhh, but you gotta respect winter for putting up such a good fight every spring, though, don't you? No matter how hard the struggle and impressive the last-ditch effort Old Man Winter puts up, he still loses every year -- woo-hoo!!

We're still a little too cold for that kind of snow, but I'm betting we'll get our fair share at the end of this month and beginning of next. It always happens that way.

Happy Panda said...

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