March 12, 2008

Tappity Tap Tap

Thank you to the mother who let Lara keep these wonderful Tap Shoes. Lara just loves them. In fact...when she came home from Day 4 of Dance Camp today, she Tappity Tapped throughout the house putting on a show for her little sister.

No Lara does not miss me, and yes she is quite unhappy that she can't attend Dance Camp all day everyday FOREVER.
I'm glad she can't. No not because she is gone all day. Frankly I've been enjoying the change, but because I have to get her across town every morning for 8am!!!

Home Sweet Homeschool is all I have to say. do you moms DO it? Leaving the house before 8am is JUST NOT normal nice!!

By the way....This message is brought to you after I Scrubbed the black marks off the hardwood floors from the apparently NOT mark free Tap Shoes.

Again...Thanks to the mom who gave them to her...really, thanks a lot.


ValleyGirl said...

Oh, those shoes are so dang cute!!!! As for getting kids across town before 8, well, we have a school bus who picks up our kids, so all I have to do is walk her to the end of the driveway at 8:15. THAT I can handle!

happygeek said...

Hey! Yet another reason to be thankful for all boys! NO tap shoes!