March 11, 2008

Sunshiny,Wintry Days

Although Winter has returned with a vengeance, we definitely enjoyed the warm sunshine today.

Here is my Internet window. The sun was just pouring in, beckoning us to go outside and feel her warmth on our faces.

Before heading outside I could not help but notice The Ladybugs who also can't wait for spring so they can GET OUT! of my house!!

I think at this point I've sucked all the flies off the windows, and now I'm busy picking ladybugs out of Peyton's mouth.

By the Way...How IS IT? That my son chews Lady bugs and flies like they are gum but spits out rice and peas?? Boys.

This is the path to the Outdoor Wood burning Furnace. If you were here in the Fall you know how much this thing is a THORN IN MY SIDE...However I am happy to report that I am NOT the one who had to shovel the path this time

This is a Shot of my baby deciding he is old enough to push his own Stroller. Not related to the sunshine....just related to growing things.
Where DOES the time go?


ValleyGirl said...

Our flies are starting to come out of the woodwork. We've had two days in a row now of about +5, so they're definitely starting to warm up. I haven't bothered with maintaining a fire in the woodstove since about 9 this morning and here I sit, in a tank top, with 3 windows open in my house, because it's still +26 in here!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!

As to your text colour issues... in your composition window, isn't there a toolbar with buttons for changing fonts, italicizing, bolding, aligning your text, adding pictures, bulleted lists, spellcheck, that kind of thing? Right in between the italicize button and the hyperlink button, there should be a 'T' with a little multi-coloured square at the base. That's your text colour button.

If that isn't there, for whatever freakish reason, you can go to your edit HTML screen and manually change the colour. Right in front of the word or phrase you want to colour differently, type span style="color:#ffcc33;" (inside angle brackets, which I can't use here, because they'll recognize it as coding and it'll just change the colours! And, of course, you don't have to use ffcc33, you can use whatever hex code colour you want.) At the end of the word or phrase, make sure you close your tags by adding /span, again in the angled brackets. If you don't "close" the tag with the back slash, the code won't be recognized.

Erin said...

yay....our little girl took off walking..i know what you mean....feels like they were just born....feels like you and i were JUst pregnant together... wow