March 06, 2008

ONE rant insight on why I Homeschool

Those of us with more than one child know that our children are not carbon copies of each other.

They have their own look, personalities, interests and they develop at different rates.

This is true especially for walking, talking, potty training...even heights and weights.

I did not worry if my children would walk or talk....I just waited and watched.

I did not teach them how to speak or to walk. I just provided the example and they tried when they were good and ready.

All of life's knowledge is not contained in the school environment, so what if my children want to learn something that is not on the curriculum?

Maybe they have a talent that is outside the scope of what the school system can teach them? Will learning something different than what the school board deems necessary make them any less of a productive adult?

Maybe God has plans for my child the school system can't nurture?

What does the term 'success' mean to Me?

What skills does my child need to know in life to be a productive adult?

Does my child need to 'know' everything... Do I 'know' everything?

What about having self esteem? Being compassionate? Being loyal? Trustworthy? Self sufficient? Honest? Unselfish? Well read? Having the ability to decipher right from wrong? To question? To think for themselves? To take care of the poor and stand up for the ones who can't fight for their rights? Can 'school' help my child with that?

It is important for my children to learn how to read and write. To learn how to become self sufficient and to have a good knowledge of the world and how it works.

But more importantly, it is important to me that my children keep their love of learning. To know, that learning happens all the time and for their entire lives. Learning is not to be confined to just 'school work'. Learning is LIFE.

I want to establish in my kids this love of learning, and I want the ability to take whatever interests them and go with it. If they are interested in a subject I want them to dive into the book...and spend as much time as they want on it. That way, I know they will learn it. I know they will be interested enough to remember what they are learning.

What about learning to do things because you are told and in a certain time? That is another subject all together. For now my response is that childhood is THE time for taking the time THEY need to do things....what other time in their lives will they be able to spend all day in a forest pretending to be fairies?

I would rather my children be children just a little longer. They have the rest of their lives to enter the adult world.

How do I know they are learning? All I have to do is talk to them, watch and listen. To look at the progression of art work that sits on my fridge.

I want them to have the self esteem and self confidence to know they can tackle anything, and the discipline to stick to something that is hard.

Anyway, those of some of my 'homeschooling' goals.

They may or may not be achieved, just like all dreams parents have for their children. In the end, my children will ultimately decide their own path. But so far...I'm loving walking the path with them.

Hmmmmm.....I wonder who is learning more? Them or Me?? ;)


ValleyGirl said...

You SO make me want to homeschool, but the idea scares the heck out of me. For so long already, I've looked forward to getting a break, to having the day to myself... I think that's probably my biggest hang-up with this whole issue. I love the control you have over what and how your kids learn, I love that they're not forced to sit at a desk for 6 hours a day, I love that they have the freedom to pick and choose who they want to become friends with and spend their time with... I love all the reasons you homeschoolers always give. And yet, I already struggle with not having enough "me" time. How do you handle it?

Alyson said...

I get 'me' time all the time. When I go out for MY runs...or get ready in the morning. children (all 3) are tucked in bed by 7pm, so the evenings are 'mine'.

There are numerous times in the day when I do things for 'me'. Right now for example....I am writting this reply while my two daughters are playing in the living room beside me and the baby is napping. I am taking 10mins to check my mail and then will start lunch.

Somedays I also CAN'T 'handle' it. Just like all of us, I need a breather. That is when Grandma's come into play, or play dates.

Alyson said... husband also works shifts so sometimes he is home during the weekday. If I want to go by myself to go grocery shopping or meet a friend for lunch he is more than willing to 'hold the fort'.

ValleyGirl said...

Well, I'm certainly hoping I'll be able to get out of the house a little more on my own once hubby gets home (we're hoping he'll be able to find a more 'normal' job and not go back to trucking), but the girls' grandparents all live 6 hours away, so that's just not an option.