March 20, 2008


This is what is left of the barn.
Today a man has come to collect all the steel for Recycling, and they have buried all the cows properly.
Now is the aftermath. The clean up, and silence.

My FIL John is O...K.
There is no income until the insurance comes and who knows when that will happen.

God is amazing. Adam and I KNEW we came here for a reason. To be support, and encouragement for his family. We are so glad we are here to help.

The amazing part is all the farmers in the area are planning a Meal to raise money for them sometime in the future.

My FIL is a Good man. NO... He is a great man. He is the type of person that would seriously give you the shirt off his back. The type of farmer who will stop what he is doing and help another farmer Crop or do his chores. In fact, he can ALWAYS be counted on to be there. is the time for us to be there for HIM.

NOW, is the time to act on the words "if there is anything I can do".

It is AMAZING what God does in tragedy. How he pulls people together, heals wounds and provides a fresh start. We know that we will all be o.k eventually. THAT we are certain of. Right now it is just grieving the loss of a life known for 30years, and figuring out what to do next.


Marie said...

If an address is made known to send donations to regarding the supper, could you please post it? My family would like to contribute.

Are your children handling the loss?

Alyson said...

Wow..thanks. I will figure it all out soon enough. I'll keep you posted

Katy said...

"It is AMAZING what God does in tragedy. How he pulls people together, heals wounds and provides a fresh start."

Amen to that! I am glad you guys are there to help them out and give them the love and support they need!

Erin said...

wow that's awesome. i love the country for that reason. so good to rally around others in need. :)

ValleyGirl said...

Isn't it amazing how the true meaning of community has absolutely nothing to do with how close together the houses are packed? It sounds like you're not the only one who's recognized how your FIL will do anything for anyone ~ I'm glad to hear his community is looking after carding for them. And it's SO good they have you.

Nancy said...

Alyson, you sweet girl - you said it so well. Now my tears come - tears for my brother (I know he's gold), tears for that old barn that was like a person - with so many memories.

Alyson & Ford said...

So sorry for the loss of the barn. It is history, family pride, an investment, a business, memories and home. Such a shame to lose it and the livestock. We pray your family is in good spirits through the hard times that may still come.
May you grow in Christian and family love on Easter Sunday.

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Simple Family Supper lady said...

About a year and a half ago we got a 4am phone call from our neighbors/friends.... "We need help! Our barn is on fire!" I will never forget that morning... you are right about the food part. Once things got under control and the fire department had left it was about 9:30 am and everyone was hungry. I came home and whipped up some coffee, eggs, coffee cake, and fruit. It was doing something that made me feel better... It was a lot of work the next few weeks and months.... but the sense of community was there.