February 18, 2008

Capturing Innocence

I've been playing with my camera again, trying to capture everyday moments in our house.

Looking for those moments when my kids are just being themselves is helping me to see the joy in being home with them. Especially on these long winter days.

There is something so innocent in these pictures. An innocence I never want to lose.
These are my favorites from yesterday.

The Maidan Bowing to the Prince

Erin discovering her toes

Pushing Dolly in the stroller

My little Helper


Katy said...

Those are adorable pictures!!! I love them!!! :)

ValleyGirl said...

I LOVE the direction you seem to be heading with your blog -- seeking to share with the world the value of simplicity and innocence!! I love these pictures and how you've been writing lately! DEFINITELY keep it up!!

Nancy said...

Aww-w-w-w-w - beautiful pics! I love 'em. Going to show them to Uncle Ben.

Jessica said...

They are so sweet!