July 25, 2007

It's here!!! It's Here!!!!

I love to wear my baby. It is so good for him. I can take him anywhere and get everything done. I find he cries less and it is such good bonding. My first sling is the blue one. What I love about it is how it just craddles him. Especially when he was wee little. Who wouldn't want to be carted around all day in a hammock??
Anyway it only goes over one shoulder, and as comfy as it is, I can really only wear him for a little over an hour. You can switch shoulders, but I find that is like trying to write left handed.

SO.... I searched and searched for another comfy wrap and found this Eden Mei Tai!!!! It is perfect and I got it used so I only spent 45$. I would have loved to buy the even better ones but 100$ I just don't have.

So....here it is!!!! I can wear baby on the front or back and can even carry my cute two and a half year old. That will be great when we go to a fair. No more bulky awful strollers or uncomfortable back packs. Makes getting supper ready and throwing the ball with Lara easier as well.

I just love the bonding :)

The old one...

Here is New one!!!!


The Small Scribbler said...

Wow! That looks so comfortable! I remember using the sling type carrier for my oldest son. I could not vaccuum with it very well. I'm envious. Cool baby gear and I'm done having babies.


buhtafly said...

Now that looks comfortable! I have a Peanut Shell and I think its too big now, its hard to carry him on my hip-I cant get it tight enough anymore and it keeps my one arm down too much-so I feel stuck. yours looks pretty arms free! when you wear it as a back carrier, how are the boobs? is it more uncomfortable?

BTW- I love your blog..I dont know if I have commented..maybe I have?anyways-my name is Bree :) But I read all the time! You make me want to move to the country!

Carey said...

Very cool. I would have loved to have one of these when my kids were little. Does it hurt your back at all holding him like that? Or your daughter on your back?
Look how bog you baby is getting...hes adorable.

Christine said...

A couple of my good friends just ordered me Mei Tai! I am so excited for mine to come... Well, I need baby, too, but you know what I mean!!!

Lara said...

Aren't mei tais great - yours is so pretty - and you got it for a great price!! From the states probably?

Enjoy it. I wear Kiernan for hours on my back in the mei tai!

And I just noticed you have a daughter named Lara - very nice name if I do say so myself ;)

Qtpies7 said...

I would love to try a Mai Tai sometime. I finally, after years and years of parenting, found a sling I could wear, the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, and I loved it. But then Sam learned to just stand right up in it in a second. So its not safe anymore. I bought an Ultimate Wrap that Target sells, and I can wear Sam on my back or front, but I need help for the back position. I don't do the back wearing right now because Sam leans WAAAAYYYY over so he's almost sideways, lol. Scares me!
The only thing I worry about with a Mai Tai is that I have a rather large chest and I don't need it accentuated with criss cross straps, if you know what I mean, lol. I know my husband REALLY likes it when I wear the wrap for back wearing!
I'm a BumGenius cloth diaper lover, big time, what do you use?

Drea said...

huge improvement! :-) the eden looks great on you.