June 28, 2007


These are crocs for those of you who have been under a rock for the past year. They are everywhere, and yes I'll admit they are on our feet. I think they are the ugliest things I've ever seen. I think even in the 80's we would have laughed at them and that is saying alot. We got them because they are amazing here at the farm. They can be washed off so easily when we are playing in the garden. Would I wear them shopping? no thanks. Yes they are comfy but so are those old people shoes and they have NEVER been cool....you know the ones I'm talking about.

I think they will go down in history as one of the fads we look back on and ask ourselves what on earth were we thinking ??

Let's see....they join the list along side

banana clips

duck boots

hammer pants

florescent pants and matching accesories

Acid wash

and riding pants. Or worse.....jeans we turned into riding pants by sowing the calves really tight.

Sad part is that I also did the above, and the list could include more things I'm sure.
Again....What were we thinking ????


YoungMommy said...

I'm sure that Crocs are super comfy, but I just haven't brought myself to trying them. The Mary Janes are cute, but they're still Crocs!

Anywho, it's been fun getting caught up. I haven't done much in the way of visiting lately... LIFE, you know, gets in the way!

I can totally relate, however, to the whole "bloggers anon" thing! I think I spend more time thinking about my blog than actually posting. It's fun, but there are other more important ways to spend my time! I think you should write about your kids, though... They ARE a big part of your life in the country, right??? Besides, I would love to hear about them. :)

Blessings to you, my friend!

(Oh, the links on my blog should be working now.)

Cathy said...

We have a lot of crocks at our place too! So easy for the kids! Our kids live in them with sundresses even. Oh well. I have the same colour...I read your photo as pink! I got them last year. They are ugly, but hey. They work.

I remember dropping bleach splotched on my bubble gum jeans! I never sewed my jeans in we did the fold and roll up.

Some others I remember all too well:

Daniel Hechter sweatshirts in EVERY colour imaginable

Neon everything

Did you say banana clips lol!

Big hoop earrings

Flashdance sweatshirts off the shoulder of course!

Oh, I am so glad that the 80's are over with! I am enjoying the millenium so much more. I don't really follow the trends. I dance to the beat of my own drum now. I am encouraging our kids to do the same!!

Love your post, and thanks for the smiles (and the memories!!)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget (even though we try) leg warmers, teased hair, and high tops. I used to have a different color of eye liner to match every different outfit. Yikes! I can only imagine what my kids will say when they see pictures of me from when I was a teenager.


Dad said...

I think low cut, ass crack jeans could be added.
Mind you, my velcro walmart sneakers are a good thing.


Nancy said...

I dunno about crocs. I have yet to test mine over a long period of time (I can't believe I bought a pair). I like the colour of yours. They didn't have that colour left in my size so I bought - wait for it - beige Mary Janes. Now that is bad - beige crocs, instead of hot pink or turquoise. You know you are old when. . . .

Kirsten said...

Okay dude, I'm just getting to your last few days of postings cuz I'm kinda done sulking now. :)
There are a few other "items" that need to be added to this list:

VESTS- you know the ones...just pull out your grade 6 class picture and I GUARANTEE you that at least 80% of the girls are wearing one

Those little white running shoes that Jennifer Grey wore in Dirty Dancing. - KEDS- yeah, Keds. (Sorry to those still wearing them..no really, I'm sorry!)

What about the colour-change Vuarnet shirts? The ones that showed when you had hot sweaty pits by making them flourescent??

OH OH, and what about how we wore suspenders, but NOT up, we wore them down around the butt.

And overalls- worn one up and one down...or WORSE- BACKWORDS like Kriss Kross!!!!!!

Oh boy I'm on a roll... HELMET HEAD- where your entire head was SO hairsprayed that if the wind moved it, the whole thing shifted. OY VEY...

Hmmm....There must be more. OH OH OH- those really cheap leather jackets like the one my sister had with all the flags on it!!!! EEEWWWWWW...

Honestly. What the heck were we THINKING????

Love you.
ps-this has been super fun. Thanks.