June 12, 2007


This is the view of the neighbors 'house' directly across the street from us. They are pretty quiet most of the time. A little nosey though. Nothing like nosey neighbors. I walked over to them to introduce myself. I think they were a little judgemental of my outfit but whatever...I can over look that. I think they were just jealous. I think there is enough room here for all of us don't you think?

This one was a little snobby. I suppose she has not been taught to 'Love thy Neighbor as thyself'...oh well. Perhaps having fabulous Godly neighbors such as ourselves will help her with her attitude :)

This is the view they have of our house. O.K I would be a little envious as well :)


Nancy said...

Oh! Beautiful!

Nancy said...

Love the pics of your new neighbours. They do look pretty gentle. I like the pic with the snobby one in it - beautiful background.

Carey said...

Cool neighbors. Love the views of the new neighborhood.