June 07, 2007

L'Eau De POOfume??

We are still not hooked up to the internet yet in this country home of ours so I've stolen a few moments at my mothers to catch up a little.

Peyton is actually strapped to me screaming in protest. He'll give up soon for some nice sleepy time. The sling is more powerful than his will to stay awake at this point...and much too comfy ;)
And yes this is how he spends 90 percent of his day....strapped to me.

A ton of stuff has happened and I have so many wonderful pics to share with you all but untill I get access to my pics on my computer and internet I won't be able to share. You will just have to wait in anticipation for my escapades here in the country.

So...as you know we have left the subburbs and are now country folk...or at least I am learning what that means. I had to laugh because the day I arrived here to check out my hubby's fabulous painting job they were spreading poo on the fields around us. I took a deep breath to enjoy the fresh country air we will be raisind our children in and voila!! poo.

Oh well I did not have any laundry to hang on the line yet....or a clothes line set up for that matter so I accepted it for what it is.....just cow poo.

Could be worse...pig poo, chicken poo, or worse....human poo. By the next day or two I really could no longer smell it. Was it the nice summer rain? or the breeze that took it away??? or do I now smell like poo and can't smell the difference anymore?? oh well. may bother those that are around me by now but does not bother me. At least it is not pesticides, and is that 'natural' life I have always wanted :)

Anyway that is all I can write for now...aparantly Peyton has beaten the sling...hrmph.


Cathy said...

Alyson! It is so great to see a post from you, and thanks for popping over to my blog!

I have missed your daily postings, as you are a breath of fresh air for me!

I cannot wait to read more about your family, and your life in the country (and even the poo smell!)

Take care!

Carey said...

Gotta love the smells of country. Glad to hear your doing well.

Dad said...

Out here on the farm we call it the smell of money.


YoungMommy said...

It's good to hear from you... Can't wait 'til you get settled and can be around more often!!

Glad everything seems to be going well. :)

Nancy said...

No worries! The smell goes away really quickly. And think how much better for the environment cow poo is than chemicals.