June 26, 2007

Bovine 101 lesson one

This is a Cow that just gave birth. Hence the big udders ( don't I understand that ). Anyway she is a cow. Not a Heifer. Apparantly a girl cow is a cow until she has a calf. Then she is a heifer. She is a heifer if she has delivered once or twice...then after her third calf she is again a cow. So Again....I can relate :)
This is your brain on drugs. Actually it is the placenta. No not mine...the cows. Sorry I should have warned you this would be graphic. Kind of like looking at a car accident isn't it? Anyway the difference from her placenta to mine is not only size but those red button looking things. They act like 'velcro' sticking the placenta to the uterus. This allows blood/nutrients ect to flow through more areas other than just the umbilical cord. Isn't Nature amazing??

No we are not at Cow College and no that is not beer in the funnel. The cow is being drenched. What is that you say?? Well...thanks for asking. They are filling her stomach (one of them anway) with nutrients and good stuff so she does not get sick. You see..after a cow or heifer has her baby she does not really feel like eating much. This just prevents illness. The other reason they are doing it is to fill the stomach. I guess when the uterus goes down the stomach can float around a little and there is a good chance it may get twisted up and stuff. Bad for the cow...bad for the farmer.
That's it. I think I did a good job. Oh....that is Larrin (Cheryl's hubby) and that is Cheryl's dad. They are humoring the city girl turned country. Look at that smile. I think Larrin is enjoying the photo op :) ...Oh how terrible are my manners....The Cows name is Bailey. Good job Bailey, for pushing out a calf and for enduring a huge tube being rammed down your throat.

That's it for now. I know you wanted to know all that. Again my blog so I can write about anything. I'm learning so much and loving it. There is so much to learn and why not have some fun doing it. I told Cheryl to call me when they inseminate. That should prove interesting.


Kirsten said...

Dude, you crack me up. I think there should ahve been a warning though re: PLACENTA. I didn't exactly want to see my own, so seeing poor Bailey's was a bit of a shock.... :)
Love you.

Cathy said...

That placenta didn't shock me, it facinated me. It almost looked like a pepperoni pizza to me!! lol.

I guess because I have seen five placentas from all of the kids I have had.

I guess really nothing shocks me! Keep on blogging! I am really learning so much! Thank you Alyson!