May 24, 2007

Life as I know it now

13 Things that are different with having my third baby...

1) I can take a shower and have him cry without panicking

2) I can go anywhere because things needs to get done...and a newborn sleeps anywhere

3) supper needs to be cooked and other people need to be taken care of, so I'll get to the crying baby as soon as I can

4) Slings were created by angels..and I definitely 'wear' my baby all the time.

5) I don't panick in the night thinking I won't hear him choking or something

6) I have two other kids to entertain him when he is on the floor waiting for me to get out of the bathroom

7) If he is fed,changed and napped....He is just fine.

8) I feel really bad that my other two need to wait on the swings while I feed him...again, but I am mastering the art of breastfeeding while putting on shoes and wiping a toddlers sticky hands.

9) There is no such thing as sleep when they sleep with more than one child. Unless by miracle they all sleep at the same time and I've done all the chores...y'a right.

10) Things will get done when I get to them...and I need to be content with a 'lived in' house

11) I definitely don't have time to pick up after a four year old and two year old all day. My goodness they leave stuff everywhere!! Why do they need to change five times a day ?

12) My love for them is multiplied....not divided :)

13) My kids are a gift from God....and as busy as I am right now....I would not have it any other way :)

There you have it....nothing insightful...just different. I am plugging along pretty well considering we have a ton of packing and cleaning to do in the next two days for the move. I've got my list and just need to tackle it one thing at a time. At least the girls can play outside in the beautiful weather and peyton sleeps alot. This way I can get things done during his naps.

Please pray for me and Adam.....for sanity.

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Uncle B said...

I think I'll pray for your sanity too. I can't imagine our place with a little baby in the mix.

Maybe you can teach your kids to grow vegetables in the garden, so you can save yourself a trip to the grocery store!