May 17, 2007

Calm before the Storm

Good morning. I am enjoying this time to myself and the baby so much. I keep checking in on Adam and the girls at the new house and all is well. The entire house is a new toy for the girls so they are quite happy. I miss them terribly but I'm glad I have this time to force myself to just sit. I am trying not to even think about the new house and all the chaos that goes with the move.
I must admit that I do feel terribly spoiled...but I appreciate that I am able to do this. I am grateful for this bonding time with Peyton without feeling like I am ignoring the girls.

I am forcing myself not to do too much. I still have alot of packing to do, but we have next week for that. This is my time to sleep and let my body recover.
I feel as though it is the calm before the storm so to speak....and I'm just breathing for a while.

I have so many wonderful friends that are bringing me food and asking me if I need anything from the store. Thank you all sooo much for that. That is just another reminder of how blessed I truly am here. I have made so many wonderful friends and I'm surrounded by people who care about me. I will be so sad to leave this place and it will definitely be an adjustment.

I know the Lord has great plans for us at the new house so I just have to remember that. Both Adam and I are confident that the Lord has led us to the new homestead so I will trust that He knows what is best for our lives.
I'm sure it will be a wonderful adventure beyond anything I could have imagined for our family.

It is amazing how we are returning to the same land his ancestors plowed, and the fields we had our wedding reception on. It sounds like something out of Anne of Green Gables and that just tickles me.

I embrace this change and an unknown future...but for now I am going back to bed with my little man :)

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are getting some quiet alone time. That is wonderful!
Must be nice to have a tiny babe again :) I know I miss that.
take care.