April 06, 2007


Good friday....funny how they called it Good when this is the day Jesus was tortured and died for our sins. It was a horrible day. At least if you were watching it. Being followers of Christ, it must have been such a sad and confusing day. I mean, here was this man who was supposed to be the son of God, and yet he died as a simple man on a cross. Why did he not save himself? Was it all a hoax??? His disciples must have been so confused and dissilussioned. They had seen him perform all these miracles and yet he did not save himself from the cross.... Why??

Because it was God's plan that is why. Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. For centuries before people would offer sacrifices to attone for their sins but none were enough. It HAD to happen. Christ was perfect. He needed to be tortured because he took the WORLDS sin upon him. Someone had to take God's punishment and I'm so glad that it was him and not me. Because he was the ultimate sacrifice I am saved from God's wrath. Of course I was not there, but it is history. No body denies it actually happened...just what happened afterwards.

Thank you Jesus...I believe.

Sunday I will rejoice with you and the world when I celebrate your rise from the tomb and the conquering of death.

Today is not a sad day only because I know what happened three days from now.

Today is a day to celebrate and rejoice.

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