April 17, 2007

Following Christ and not the Crowd...

Apropriate to this weeks theme is today's daily bread article. It talks about an incident in Turkey where a sheep jumped off a cliff to its death, and all 1500 other sheep followed!!! The good thing was not all died as some were cushioned by the pile of wool at the bottom of the cliff. Kind of a funny thought...but not really.

Many times in the bible we are refered to as sheep and the Lord being our Shepherd.

'Our challenge is to avoid the mistake of the sheep who blindly followed one another over a cliff. We must make it our daily purpose to ask ourselves: Am I listening for the voice of the Good Shepherd? Am I following Him?' (That is from the Daily bread)

I challenge you this week to follow Christ and not the crowd.

One of my favorite quotes is this..... A million people can believe in the wrong thing but it still is just that....the wrong thing. I'm not sure where I heard that but it helps me when I know I am convicted about something that is outside the 'norm'. Find the truth and be strong in your convictions and beliefs. Don't waver under pressure or conform to a world that is imperfect and full of terrible sin. That is not God's way and so should not be yours either. I challenge you to stand out this week. You never know the influence you have or the power of your voice until you take a stand. Don't be afraid to be the person you know God wants you to be.

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Charity said...

Hello! My name is Charity and I just wanted to drop by to say hello! So, Hello! I have enjoyed reading your blog and am due in Oct. We have 2 children also, Noah 3, and Anna Beth 1. We homeschool and are also passionate about the Lord. We desire to give God complete control of our family size and desire for Him to be completely honored in all we do! You can visit me at www.homeschoolblogger.com/ArrowsInOurQuiver Have a great day, and good luck with the baby!