March 24, 2007

What's a little vomit?

Woke up this morning and threw up for the first time in my pregnancy. Yes that is right for the first time. Great timing if I do say so myself. My mom's wedding today (for which I am the maid of honor), and I have appointments and to do's all day. I do feel better after getting rid of that toast but I wonder how sore and tired I will be tonight. The wedding is and evening wedding and usually by that time I am soaking in a hot tub and rubbing my swollen feet. Hmmmm. I'm sure all will be fun and I will exude that pregnancy glow. Nothing like a nine month pregnant maid of honor!!
I'm sure all will go wonderfully. I am very happy for my mom as she is marrying someone I have known since birth and love very much. It is nice to have my brother and his son here for a visit too. So really, what is a little vomit ?

I'll post pics tomorrow.


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